Wednesday 12 November 2008

TAB - I Like!!

I WON!!!

Went and checked the ticket and I won $46.50. Not bad for a $3 ticket!

Thursday 6 November 2008

TAB - a world of it's own!

For the first time I went to a Melbourne Cup luncheon since I finished full time work. Thoroughly enjoyed myself drinking, eating and partying with the Girls. But not in a million years will I understand placing a bet on the horses. My best mate from Ireland understood quite well so I followed her advice thinking wasn't that their national past time in Ireland to bet on the horses? How complicated was it to pick a horse then find the race number, the horse again, the amount, the place and a win. No wonder I don't place bets any other time of the year!

Twenty six dollars later (which is a lot of money considering I earn sixty for three hours work a week!) I still didn't know who I was going for! In the end I'm left with a ticket which says 10 Viewed $3 win div x1 on the back of a $3 mystery combo ticket. Suppose I should go back to the TAB to see if I won.

See you next year dear TAB!