Thursday 22 May 2008

Big Bucks!

Today I went to the Craft and Quilt Fair. I enjoy doing a bit of scrapbooking and occasionally make some jewellery when the mood takes me. (My passion is painting especially oils but my teacher has left and gone back to England. Anyway thats another post.) The size of this fair is huge. Over 4 days they will pack over a thousand and more women (and some token men) a day through the doors at the Convention Centre. And today I was one of them.

They had over 100 exhibitors and we had only 5hours to get through them all. We gave it our best shot and came out pretty unscathed and our purses fairly well intact. Some others did not fair so well. I witnessed women with baskets piling them up with stamps, stickers, papers, brads and all sorts of accessories. Now that would be OK if they were on special say for a couple of bucks. But when I looked most of these items were over $12 to $15 and over. They were filling their baskets! I couldn't get over the amount of money being spent on something that to me is a small hobby!

2Bar would have a fit if I came home and said I spent $500 at the fair on stamps and stickers!

Tuesday 20 May 2008

Doughnuts, doughnuts lovely doughnuts!

This weekend I'm tagging along with 2Bar to a work conference in Sydney. Children are at Grandparents for four whole days. Ahh the freedom! But since starting this diet and being quite successful so far I'm a bit worried about how I will go in the eating capital of Parramatta. I know I'm going to fall off the wagon, which doesn't worry me too much. It's just how far I'm going to fall and what I' going to have to do to get back on. Maybe the suggestion from TroyG to go jogging with 2Bar will be the way to go? Bahahahaha! I couldn't run to save my life!

Actually I've spent quite a bit of the day trying to work out how pieces of fruit I have to give up to have a Krispy Kreme doughnut. MMMMMMM KK doughnuts! As we don't get them here in the West they are a real treat when someone goes over east and brings them back. The girls and I have quite an obsession with these round doughy delicious delights! Last person over there brought back 4 dozen and carried them on the plane whilst eight months pregnant. She was slightly embarrassed but nothing was stopping her from those KK's or the wrath of us when she got back!

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Me and my lack of Backbone.

I've joined up on the Tony Ferguson weightloss program with one of my closest friends. We're only three days into it and she is already complaining and finding fault with the effect it's having on her body. The diet is based on having no sugars or carbohydrates and ketosis. I didn't look too closely at it as lot's of words and big ones bore and scare the hell out of me. Just happy to follow what they tell me and lose 12kgs.

But my mate has already picked holes in it (even though she's the one whose talked me into it). She's already affecting my sense of determination to succeed but I'm too nice to tell her to suck it up and give it a few weeks. Oh the dilemma of me!