Tuesday 26 June 2007

The Gym!

I joined a ladies gym about September last year. Haven't been for about 6 weeks. Mainly because I have had other things on my mind but 2BarRiff is not letting me forget that I haven't been. This is REALLY annoying me!!!!

Tuesday 12 June 2007

Olden Day Rats!

Last night whilst cooking dinner, The Bomb (who is 3 years old), Princess (who is 6 years old) and I had an interesting conversation. They were watching a DVD called The Wild. It's about a bunch of animals from New York Zoo going to rescue a lion cub who has runaway from his father. They come across a small animal called a hyrax. This is a small furry animal which looked like a rat to me. So this is how the conversation went;

Bomb: Whats a hyrax?

Me: It's a small furry animal. Like a rat.

Princess: Rats can kill you!!!

(The Bomb at this stage is quite worried it's going to kill him.)

Me: You can get sick if they bite you.

Princess: And die!!

Me: Yes you can die but not so much nowadays. In the olden days lots of people died from the plague which was a disease the rats carried.

Princess: Will the olden days come back again?

Me: No.

Princess: You and Daddy got married in the olden days hey, you know before the Bomb and me were born!

Me: Not that far back sweetie. Daddy and I are not that old!

The Princess and the Bomb both look at me as to say 'Yeah right Mum!'

Saturday 9 June 2007


While the children are playing (no TV!) and the Blogmistress is popping out to do the shopping, my task is to create a post off the top of my head.

Blah. I do not want to be creative. To please my beloved, however, maybe I'll try.


Why would she then take the eldest with her shopping, leaving the youngest in tears of abandonment, and myself elevated to the position of chief comfort giver.

Yeah, plenty of space to craft a blog entry, when I am pestered to go on the Wiggles website.


Tuesday 5 June 2007

It's arrived!!!

Yes my Kambrook 4.2 litre slow cooker is here. My amazing Sister-in-law introduced me to her slow cooker and it was love at first sight! My Brother who is married to said Sister-in-law works for an appliance retailer and offered to get one for me. Imagine my glee when they said 'you chuck in all the ingredients in the morning, turn it on to auto and your dinner is cooked 6 to 8 hours later or overnight without you.' I had to have one. Anything that helps get me through feral hour (5.00pm to 6.00pm) is a blessing. If I don't have to be occupied with making dinner I can concentrate on separating two tired and whiny children. Great!!

The slow cooker has sparked 2BarRiffs interest in cooking as well. We attempted a whole chicken in a delightful sauce. We only had 4 hours in which to cook so 2BarRiff made the sauce and I got to skin (or abuse) the chicken. Set it on to cook about 1pm and by 5.30pm it was done. Our kitten was entranced by the smell as we all were. The chicken was served with mashed potato, beans, carrots and Yorkshire puddings. (The Yorkshire puddings are 2BarRiffs favourite and since I had extra time on my hand I made 12. All were devoured!) The chicken was delicious! The meat fell off the bones and was so moist. Just Gorgeous! Can't wait to try out other recipes.

Friday 1 June 2007

Dear Movie Reviewer

I know it's a hard job. You go out to see all the crappy little arty films and then have to come up with a few hundred words to convince someone, anyone, perhaps even yourself, that they are worth watching.

Then, every so often, a big movie comes out and reviews are all over the newspapers, TV and Internet so I understand that perhaps it's a nice change to recycle a few comments here and there. Nothing too much, just enough to, well, enable you to take it easy for a little while in a profession that is otherwise highly demanding.

With this in mind, I have a little request. Would it be possible for one of you to write a review (it doesn't have to be big, just a small one) of Pirates of the Caribbean that does NOT mention that Johnny Depp's inspiration for his character was Keith Richards.

Guess what? I know! I know because this is the THIIRD movie in a TRILOGY and we have heard the same frickin' line for the OTHER TWO movies already.

Enough. Please.



PS If Keith Richards really was the inspiration for Cap'n Jack Swallow, the character would be spending half the movie getting his stomach pumped or in a smack-induced coma.