Wednesday 30 April 2008

Running Update

Run 2Bar, Run 2Bar, Run Run Run ...

Thought I'd keep a log of my running for the last couple of months:

Total Kms: 63.36
Total Calories: 6838
Average Pace: 5.35
Total Time: 5:53:20

Total Kms: 90.91
Total Calories: 9799
Average Pace: 5.33
Total Time: 8:25:17

I've been training up for an improved 10Km time (50 minutes) using this program. I'm currently at 51:57 for the 10K so not too far to go now.

Could do with warmer mornings, though.

Monday 28 April 2008

Last thought for the night

until the next one, anyway

Of the bazillions of blogs now in existence, how many are solely dedicated to apologising for not posting in a while?

Speaking of ...

nothing much, really.

Inspired by Troy's post here, I wish to add my own complaints about crappy language, focusing on pronunciation:
  • O becomes U eg Uh-lympics or a Biggest Loser influenced Uh-limination and all policemen are not Constables
  • S becomes Sh eg Telshtra. I blame Liz Shmiley, the Exshtra shpruiking exsh-tennish player with "the great tashte that really lashtsh".
  • S disappears altogether eg and especially Specifically becomes pacifically.

What on Earth???

Or more precisely, in England?

It's not often something gets my blood boiling.

This is one of those times.

Wednesday 2 April 2008

Bits and Pieces

When all else fails, LINK!!

* How boring am I? I had a rare 1/2 hour to myself at work so I worked out my tax return for this coming June.

* A new season of AFL has begun, so make sure you head on over to Football Invective for all your fixins.

* And for all the pain an Eagles fan can bear.

* And for all the pain a Melbourne fan can bear.

* W00T$$ - sold our first thing on flea-bay. Now to clear out the rest of the house. And no, dear, you may not sell any of my guitars.

* Youtube goodness, cause I need a laugh:

David Blaine 1
David Blaine 2
David Blaine 3

Cheezits! Cheezits! Cheezits! Cheezits!

* 2BarRiff is running in the ASICS Gel Bridges fun run this weekend. First person to spot me and introduce themselves wins breakfast at McDonalds with the 2BarHousehold straight afterwards.

As you may be able to tell, it's been busy and tough the last couple of weeks so I haven't put much as much energy into blogging. Work is going freakin' nuts (I have two 'Acting' job titles, in addition to my normal one at the moment) but still in a good way. And another relative died this last week, not extremely close but enough to suck out whatever wind was in the sails.

No wonder I drink alcohol.