Friday 13 June 2008

Running Update for May

Total Kms: 29.46
Total Calories: 3162
Average Pace: 5.57
Total Time: 2:34:37

Quite a bit down from the last 2 months as work and health (or lack of) got in the way. I finished May by getting lost in Lesmurdie looking for a way down the hills with an empty battery in my GPS watch, so there should be at least 20 slow kilometers on the tally and another 1500 calories or so.

Oh well. June isn't looking too bright either but that's because it's too freakin' cold in the mornings. I'd like to have more willpower but at 5.30 am, and with the temperature almost zero, the 2% of me that wants to run can't enforce their reign of terror over the other 98%.

The current aim is to achieve a sub 50 minute 10Km run, and to do the City to Surf this year. My training schedule has been left on the shelf a bit, but I should have the first done by the end of June and the second is at the end of August, giving enough time to do the 12 km in an hour. After that it's a half marathon. Then hopefully a full one.

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