Tuesday 9 September 2008

Cyxplycth, Abblefrobnok, Urrlgh!

I think a big indicator of society's downfall, not including it's inability to recognise my genius in monetary form, has been the lack of quality swear words.

Cussing has lost almost all meaning, and now a few f-bombs resound with a faint hilarity instead of an air rending shock.

New swear words are hard to come up with. Variants on themes (eg ass-hat) are ok but just don't cut it in the ear-curdling department.

The subject came to me as I was pounding out the budgets for GFoC* over the last 3 weeks (hence the lack of posts etc). I had around 10 companies to budget for and had spend 80% of the time on the first company as the formats were new and needed a LOT of fixing. So I've been spending all day, and most of the night, for the last few weeks trying to thrash out something that will work (One company alone had over 60 variables just to create the revenue model).

It wasn't until last Wednesday night, at around 1.00 am, when I discovered that instead of taking 2 hours just to format ONE division of ONE budget, I could do x, y and z instead and then the process would take about a minute.

a MINUTE ????!!!!???!! Cyxplycth, Abblefrobnok, Urrlgh!

Strangely, I felt underwhelmed.

* Generic Foreign-owned Corp

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Cookster said...

2Barr - I still find the word slut still cuts it... has real feel to it. Not one to bandy about too frequently though.