Thursday 2 October 2008

When two worlds collide

Wedded bliss beats all other blisses.

Can I preface this post by saying that I love Madame2Bar more than anything else in this world?

With that out of the way, I note with interest, and in a completely non-judgemental way that:

Tomorrow morning, I get to sleep in to 7.
Tomorrow morning, Madame2Bar has to get up early.

At 7.


Cookster said...

7??? You call that early??? Bah, I've already changed three nappies, had two cups of tea, made 48 slices of toast and loaded the dishwasher by 7!!!

2BarRiff said...

Eh, deep down, I like the fact my wife gets to sleep in every morning. It means,through my efforts, I give her something special that other women may not have.

Anonymous said...

The last sentence of that comment is like a lob from a beginner tennis player to Venus Williams. It is begging for a witty riposte. I shall resist the temptation: in your face, Oscar Wilde.