Friday, 24 July 2009

My Big Mouth

I wonder sometimes why I even bother. My parents travelled around Europe about 8 years ago and stayed in YHA accommodation. They had a ball and said the places they stayed in were very clean and very nice. Friends of mine are in Europe as I type and they were astounded at the prices of B & B's as they were taking their three children. So big mouth me suggested the YHA's as an alternative. They booked.

Apparently the ones they've stayed at are CRAP and now I've got the blame for the suffering they are going through and ruining their holiday. But the email ends with 'Still love ya even if I am suffering because of you!'

Great. That tops off a crappy few months!

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Anonymous said...

I've just found your blog and as a backpacker I liked this article. Well I'm French and I've been backpacking around Australia for a while now (a year and a half to be precise) so as you can easily guess I've had my share of hostels. As a young woman I have to afford many expenses so when it comes to choose an accomodation I'm not particularly picky and usually book the cheapest room (dorm with in average eight other roommates) but I don't complain because it's my choice and I deal with it. But once I stayed in a YHA hostel and I have to say that it was really different from what I had experienced before! It was clean, well kept and the staff was actually genuinely friendly. I always recommand YHA when friends look for a place to stay and ask me about some I know. To be fair it was the only YHA hostel I stayed in but I've only had some positive feedback about them and know friends who recommand them as well so maybe here in Oz it's totally different from Europe... Anyway don't hesitate to book with them if someday you feel like coming Down Under! I just wanted to give my opinion, thank you for reading :) I like the blog by the way! Regards, Jules.