Tuesday 26 June 2007

The Gym!

I joined a ladies gym about September last year. Haven't been for about 6 weeks. Mainly because I have had other things on my mind but 2BarRiff is not letting me forget that I haven't been. This is REALLY annoying me!!!!


2BarRiff said...

Aside from the fact that you are doing very well in regards to the wieght, the $56 per fortnight that we are spending on the gym, that you AREN'T GOING TO, is a little annoying.

I could get some good Scotch for that!

Madame2Bar said...

We could also get;

Tins of paint (inside & out)
Glass shower screen
Plants and landscaping for garden
Boots and clothing.

Not to worry! When September rolls around I will cancel my membership so the wasted money will stop annoying you.

2BarRiff said...

Of course, then the painting would annoy me.

I just can't win ... :-(