Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Olden Day Rats!

Last night whilst cooking dinner, The Bomb (who is 3 years old), Princess (who is 6 years old) and I had an interesting conversation. They were watching a DVD called The Wild. It's about a bunch of animals from New York Zoo going to rescue a lion cub who has runaway from his father. They come across a small animal called a hyrax. This is a small furry animal which looked like a rat to me. So this is how the conversation went;

Bomb: Whats a hyrax?

Me: It's a small furry animal. Like a rat.

Princess: Rats can kill you!!!

(The Bomb at this stage is quite worried it's going to kill him.)

Me: You can get sick if they bite you.

Princess: And die!!

Me: Yes you can die but not so much nowadays. In the olden days lots of people died from the plague which was a disease the rats carried.

Princess: Will the olden days come back again?

Me: No.

Princess: You and Daddy got married in the olden days hey, you know before the Bomb and me were born!

Me: Not that far back sweetie. Daddy and I are not that old!

The Princess and the Bomb both look at me as to say 'Yeah right Mum!'

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