Tuesday 4 September 2007

Sometimes, things just work.

Some of my fondest parenting moments are when I act like a tool and it comes off in a spectacular way.

On Saturday, I was putting up some brushwood along the side fence. Stopping for a break, I headed for the food and decided to be funny for the kids.

Naturally this involved me lifting my T-shirt, sticking the drill in my belly button and pulling the trigger. (As I was using a hex socket driver, there was zero chance of me drilling my way to my spine).

Of course, what made it double funny was that, somehow, in drilling out my belly button, I managed to remove a fairly sizable chunck of belly button fluff.

The Princess, naturally, was mortified. The Bomb, of course, wanted a go. Cue scenes of 2BarRiff chasing the 2BarKids around the patio with a drill.

I love being a Dad.


2BarRiff said...

You know, I cannot recall having belly button fluff prior to becoming a father.

Must be a Dad thing.

Madame2Bar said...

Or it's all the tissue's I miss when doing the washing! I like to keep your belly button warm as well with it's own special blanket! :)