Tuesday, 28 June 2011


The kids are sick and having an afternoon nap. Three meals are prepared and the house is clean. Washing and folding are done. It's stormy and raining outside and I'm pleased not to do the school run. In fact i'm very well pleased with the last few days. I've been in my element looking after my family. I would rather the children weren't sick because it isn't nice feeling sick but it's lovely being home in the warm watching TV and playing the WII.

The last few days I've achieved a level of contentment which warms me. To nuture my children back to health and have the house organised and then the rest of the week can follow on how it pleases. Small victories I know but if I can continue with being content with small things then big things won't be any trouble.

I know I need to keep working on this because in three weeks time when my hormomnes go mental again I need to be prepared. In three weeks the kids will be halfway through school holidays and trying to kill each other and I will be refereeing. Contentment out the door!! hahaha!

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