Saturday 9 June 2007


While the children are playing (no TV!) and the Blogmistress is popping out to do the shopping, my task is to create a post off the top of my head.

Blah. I do not want to be creative. To please my beloved, however, maybe I'll try.


Why would she then take the eldest with her shopping, leaving the youngest in tears of abandonment, and myself elevated to the position of chief comfort giver.

Yeah, plenty of space to craft a blog entry, when I am pestered to go on the Wiggles website.



Madame2Bar said...

Let's consider the response I got when I suggested 2BarRiff write a post. 2Bar said 'no I'm not going to!' So he was just going to continue reading.

I took the eldest shopping so they would stop fighting and give 2Bar some peace, to continue reading whatever he was reading on the computer.

Sometimes the best intentions never work. My apologies 2BarRiff.

2BarRiff said...

Ok, I feel like a tool now.

Now, where is that site that allows you to auction children ...

Madame2Bar said...