Saturday, 8 September 2007

Madame, you've gone TOO far!

7. Much to 2Bars disgust I don't like guitar music. It needs someone to sing to break up the noise.

I first saw this post this morning and it's been bugging me all day. Now, while I admit that vocals are there to give the guitar player a rest, I take umbrage at what I like being called noise.

Take the power, the majesty, the mullet, that is Eric Johnson. Noise? Bah! (Warning: 6 minutes of guitar-y goodness follows)

Who needs singing?

By the way, when Madame2Bar refers to singing, she doesn't mean this:

Or even this:

Oh no. She's talking about this:

And this:


Anyway, since Youtube won't allow me to embed Rush, have some Steve Morse!

(Look! All alternate picking!)

Madame2Bar said I had to include this as well: