Friday 7 September 2007


Since I am also an author, here is 8 things you don't know about me.

1. I would rather go on holidays with my parents then my friends. Thats how great they are!

2. I have six unusual birthmarks on my body. One is shaped like a sea-horse above the inside of my right knee which is about 10cms long and 3cms wide. Another is smack bang in the middle of my chest and looks like a pendant on a necklace. If I drew a chain on my skin no one would know the difference. (unless they were standing really close)

3. Ever since I was young I have been able to touch my nose with my tongue. Only myself, my Aunt on my Dad's side and my 16yr old cousin on my Mum's side can do this. I have quite a large family so I find this fascinating that only three of us can do it.

4. I've had a personal tour of the private quarters of a U.S aircraft carrier.

5. I also get migraines from citrus fruit.

6. Have a great dislike of licorice, bananas and heights.

7. Much to 2Bars disgust I don't like guitar music. It needs someone to sing to break up the noise.

8. I am a budding artist. (Thanks to my painting teacher .)

1 comment:

2BarRiff said...

See, dear reader?

She is far more interesting than I am.

And it's 7 birthmarks (heh heh heh).